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Welcome to our Pre-Sale page

You can find fantastic kids' clothing and decor finds that we rarely have in the shop. This also gives us a great idea what you like so we can fine-tune what we can offer you. Our pre-sales change often and seasonal so make sure you follow our social pages to find out when we offer them. Happy Shopping!!

Pile of Folded Knits


The presale starts June 7, 2023. until Monday, June 12, 2023. 


Shooshoos are not just shoes. They’re custodians of first memories, protectors of knees and toes, liberators and fun-enablers, and they are there at every stage of one of the greatest adventures your little one will know: childhood. With over 7 million pairs sold and counting, Shooshoos is proud to know we've been alongside countless little's ones biggest milestone, their first steps. We produce premium quality handmade footwear for ages 0-7. From genuine leather newborn slippers to advanced ultra-lite waterproof sneakers, we're confident we can cater for all your customer's needs across all seasons.