The Organic Family," 4 wooden peg dolls. 

Fair trade, hand-painted wooden peg dolls. These doll can also be used as birthday cake toppers. Goose Grease peg dolls are unique hand crafted products, made to last a lifetime. Each doll is carefully hand-chiseled on an electric lathe in a small carpentry shop in Bogotá, Colombia, using sustainably forested wood. When one tree is used, two are planted. Goose Grease trains and employs skilled Colombian artisans to hand-paint each peg with USA made non-toxic water-based materials, making them perfect for kids of all ages. Goose Grease is owned and run by Juan Carlos and Anna Leigh Donado in Brooklyn, NY. 

- Four Wooden Dolls 
- Size: 3.5" and 2.5"
- Made of Urapán wood

PLEASE watch this video:
to see the making of a dad doll from start to finish. It is truly inspiring. This is one of the carpenters who is making your dolls.

The Organic Family